Mar 2019

Best Advice for 20 Year Old by Grant Cardone

by Kem in howto category

Wrote down Grant’s advice from his youtube video.

1) Avoid what’s not good for you! No drugs, no alcohol. Leave all that alone! They’re a waste of time and energy. They don’t make you more creative – any creativity you have you can find without alcohol or drugs.

2) Change your friends. Make friends with people that have time, that are working, that are creative, most importantly seeking to get better. Look at how the rich are able to provide for their family, instead of being jealous. Change the questions you ask, and how you look at things. Quit being resentful and get your game together! Get over it and have something to look forward to.

3) Learn everything you can about real estate, starting now. RE is the business that has allowed Grant to take these great trips, not his 6 or 7 other businesses! RE pays for it entirely by itself. Learn everything you can about a specific type of real estate that for hundreds of years has allowed everyday people to create lifestyles that are mind-boggling. Learn everything about income-producing real estate… only 32 units and above and producing at least £25k/year in positive cash flow… read Grant’s book “how to create wealth investing in real estate”. This book will give you the right information, not the BS you get from Wall Street etc. Don’t use 401Ks IRAs etc. You need to know how to exit! Read the book. If you can figure out how to start buying the stuff yourself, or create a partnership or find somebody who’s putting their own money, time and energy on deals and partner with them, it WILL provide you with financial freedom that will boggle your mind – in the future. It takes time, and it’s not easy. But nothing’s easy. This is the one business that can last far longer than you. + If it doesn’t pay you it’s not a good investment. + You can’t help anybody if you don’t make it! When Grant started to get clean his dreams came back. He dreamt of financial freedom. Not being a billionaire, millionaire, but financial freedom. Being terrified of finance and struggling to get by isn’t good. When the money stops everybody gets terrified. Save yourself from that.

Best of luck!