Jan 2018

DeepBrain Chain Review and How to buy DeepBrain Chain (DBC)

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DeepBrain Chain (DBC) Review : Deep Brain Chain is a decentralised neural network. DBC is currently trading on Kucoin, Gate, Lbank, & Allcoin. Artificial Intelligence (AI) with blockchain technology Under the radar for most investors (they don’t need much marketing to sell out) Parent company has 100 manufacturers using the platform including Microsoft, Samsung and Siemens. Won 1st out of 30 companies that competed in recent AI competition Was under the radar as many didn’t find out too late 2nd Large ICO right after RedPulse Sold out in 3.5 hours.

Key Points:

  • Backed by NEO Council
  • Houbi listing
  • Small market cap (currently at $60 million)
  • Real world use cases are easy to identify in AI field
  • The devs/team are all leaders/professionals in their team. They don’t need to rely on marketing to go up because they have a quality platform + all of Asia in a cryptocurrency frenzy.
  • 800 people bought the ICO up for ~$20k a piece!!!”

How to buy DeepBrain Chain?

You can buy this on kucoin ($DBC). As people find out about this on social media i.e. discord, telegram, twitter, etc. it’s going to hit FOMO. Spread the news!

DBC is currently trading on Kucoin, Gate, Lbank, & Allcoin

What is Deep Brain Chain?

  • Deep Brain Chain is a decentralised neural network that distributes computational requirements to thousands of nodes in order to lower the cost of computing as well as make use of all the benefits of blockchain technology.
  • The massive neural network computing nodes of DeepBrain Chain can be dynamically adjusted according to the amount of calculation of the users products
  • To say it even simpler, its is 1. Data computation platform and 2. Data trading platform.
  • Uses distributed spare computing resources
  • The platform makes AI computational demands cheaper.
  • Secures the separation of data ownership and usage rights.
  • Secures Intellectual property for the data and for the products.
  • Protects against data leakage via hacking.
  • Aims to reduce the cost of use of AI by 70%
    Which of those benefits require the blockchain technology?
  • Pretty much all of them: the cost-efficiency the privacy protection, the security, the computation optimisation all comes from the decentralisation/distribution.

Why is it undervalued?

  • There were 5000 new AI companies in 2012-2016 period
  • 20-30% of all AI applications cost is the computation (for example one game of AlphaGo costs $3000)
  • $20 BILLION industry vs $9 MILLION ICO

Unique advantages

  • Working product ready (platform with more than 1000 semantic skills)
  • Under the radar for most investors (they don’t need much marketing to sell out anyways)
  • Very strong (nerdy, no offence) team
  • Strong deep problem
  • Low cap £15M (but $6M already went to VC’s)
  • Big investment from NEO – $1M and $4.8M from Jinsha River
  • Strong advisors, strong partnershisp
  • Strong marketing point (Awarded First Prize in Enterprise Sector for AI Research Center out of 30 teams)
  • They already confirmed exchange listing
  • Clients include

Why do I personally like Deep Brain Chain

  • Since I am doing a PhD in a scientific field I am close to this project and really like the idea.
  • Considering their strong partnerships, clients and advisors, they haven’t marketed the project well enough YET. I can see how the hype will suddenly skyrocket and everyone will try to jump on this project last minute. In the next section, there are some of my tips on how to improve marketing.
  • DeepBrain said it will establish a laboratory with the Chinese Academy of Sciences’ Shanghai branch. The two groups will jointly develop core technologies such as natural language understanding, multi-round dialogue management, question-and-answer systems and blockchain technologies
  • Now that the Ethereum network is congested by Crypto Kitties, and all the interesting NEO ICO’s are around the corner, the hype will move towards that direction.
  • Their telegram is blowing off with minimal marketing.
  • AI is the new cool word, it has the buzz, it has the hype. Everyone is learning or talking about AI these days.

My advice to Deep Brain Chain on doing better marketing
-Reduce number of websites (, to 1 website
-Add crowdsale information to front page of website

  • What are the different tiers? (ICO, Presale)
  • What are the start and end dates?
  • How much has been raised so far?
  • Write medium article with all of the Crowdsale information
  • Make website content more consistent
  • Get some news articles on Coindesk, bloomberg, reuters
  • First prize in Enterprise sector of AI competition
  • Challenger blockchain to AWS
  • Strong partnerships
  • 1,000 skills on DeepBrain product

-Official Twitter: @DeepBrainChain
-Our Subreddit:
-Official Chinese TG:
-Support Email:

Disclaimer: I am not a financial advisor and all the information here is either my own opinion or my own collection of research.