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Yumchek is designed to #MakeEachMealCount in many, many ways:

#RightTimeRightPlace: With its learning algorithm, Yumchek helps you decide quickly where to eat by providing you relevant restaurant suggestions.

#MealForAMeal: With Yumchek, you have the power to convert your meal receipt into a meal ticket for the less privileged. For every receipt you upload, Yumchek supports its NGO partners to provide a wholesome meal to a hungry child.

#EatPlayWin: When you use Yumchek, you are rewarded with Yumchek loyalty points or Yumies. You can use Yumies to play Yotto, the Yumchek Lotto, to win exciting prizes.

#GroceryCashback: With Yumsum, your foodie score, you get many benefits with each tier. As your Yumsum score moves to the Silver/Gold tier, you stand a chance to earn cashback from leading brands on your grocery bills among other benefits.

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