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How to use Andamen Referral Coupon?

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Andamen couopn code andamen referral code

Andamen coupon code and Andamen referral code

Andamen Referral Program

  1. GIFT ₹500 & EARN ₹500
  2. Share your very own code with friends.
  3. Your friends get ₹500 to buy Andamen shirts. When they do, you get ₹500 to spend on Andaman.

Simplified referrals, no restrictions.​ In two easy steps, you can start referring. Use the rewards against any purchase in any amount.

  1. Create your account and personalized sharing code.
  2. Share your code with your friends.
  3. Each friend gets ₹500 worth of points to buy on Andamen. And when they do, you get ₹500 worth of points as well.
  4. EARN ₹5,000! Ten referrals will earn you ₹5,000 worth of points. So start sharing now!

Earning Referral Points:

  • Refer friends who make valid purchases on
  • Referred friend must use your referral code and be a new Andamen customer.
  • Points are earned for eligible purchases that are not later canceled or returned.

Benefits for Referring Users:

  • Earn points according to the prevailing referral points credit policy.
  • Standard points: INR 500 (or local currency equivalent), may vary.
  • Maximum earnings: INR 15,000 worth of referral points.

Redeeming Points:

  • Points appear on the ‘Refer Friends’ page in ‘My Account.’
  • Use points for eligible purchases on within one year.
  • Eligibility and value are subject to prevailing terms and conditions.

Benefits for Referred Friends:

  • Referred friends get a discount on the first purchase (valid purchase).
  • Discount: INR 500 (or local currency equivalent), may vary.
  • Discounts are not split or combined with other promotions.

Qualifying Purchases:

  • Referred friend’s purchase must be valid with a minimum value of INR 3,000 (or local currency equivalent).

Points Restrictions and Expiry:

  • Points are not combinable with other offers.
  • Non-transferable for cash; valid for one year.
  • Points from multiple accounts for the same user are null and void.
  • Referral links are only for personal, non-commercial sharing.
  • Points not earned via blogs, coupon sites, etc.

Multiple Referrals:

  • Referred friends can use only one referral code.
  • Points are awarded to the corresponding Andamen User of the used code.

Cancellation of Points:

  • Andamen can cancel points for violations or misuse.