Binance US: Get 20% off all trading commissions referral code

Binance us referral id is now allowing users who own more than 500 BNB to create referral links which will give their friends a “kickback” of 20% off all trading fees. . Ordinary referral/promo codes are only providing a 10% kickback. The Binance US referral code for signup bonus is provided below.

You may need to create a new BinanceUS account to ensure you will get the maximum discount with this coupon. You will receive a  cashback over fees on every trade you do with Binance using this Binance US referral code. The kickback rate is valid until you close your account.

How can I enable the lifetime extra discount on my Binance.US account?

First, follow this link or manually fill in the code 35047064 in the ‘Referral ID (optional)’ field.

 Check if “Your commission kickback rate: 20%” appears below the referral code. If not, contact customer service to apply the kickback rate promo code from Step 1 manually.

 Create a new account

 Start trading from your new account!

binance usa referral id form

binance USA referral id form

 You are all set! You now have the maximum discount enabled on your account. I always follow-up with the Binance USA customer service and reconfirm activation of the discount kickback rate of 20% before trading.

Happy trading! 🙂

: We will also get 20%, so we’d certainly be grateful for anyone who might use our code. Once the referral code is created, the kickback rate is locked in place. So if you use this invite link, your kickback will always be 20%, even if our Binance balance falls below 500 BNB (in that case you would get the same 20% kickback but Binance would not give us any bonus). Inviters like us are also unable to retroactively alter the kickback rate that we are offering.

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