Buy masks for coronavirus at 56Rs cheapest N95 price in India

2019–20 China pneumonia outbreak - Mask

We are placing all the sources from where you can buy the cheapest maks for coronavirus COVID-19 in India at only 56Rs. Hurry up till the stock lasts.  The number of cases is increasing sharply. Clean your hands and use masks in public places.

Buy masks for coronavirus

As per doctors an N95 or N99 Masks are required to prevent yourself from coronavirus. Which are effective up to 95% if you use them properly.

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RSM PM 2.5 Anti Pollution Mask Non Woven (Set Of 5, Black) at 279Rs



How to use N95 Masks for coronavirus?

If you live in India or any infected countries, you are probably well aware of the coronavirus  When air quality is in the unhealthy range, PSI above 200, and you need to be outdoors for several hours, wearing an N95 mask can help reduce your exposure to particle pollutants. Also, it protects you from viruses ? .

In this clip, we demonstrate the proper way to put on and remove the N95 3M Respirator Mask.