Crypterium 10% Bonus : the project that will revolutionize the financial sector

Cryptobank Crypterium: the financial bridge between the cloud and the real world that will also allow you to pay a simple coffee through Bitcoin.

With Cryptobank Crypterium you no longer need to be a trader to pay for a coffee in Bitcoin.

The Crypterium project proposes a completely innovative solution for the financial sector. Its blockchain-based mobile banking service solves the difficulties encountered in using cryptocurrencies in the real world, all through integration services between real and virtual currencies and payment infrastructures.

Crypterium offers new solutions in three areas : everyday use of criptovalute by individuals, a revolutionary infrastructure for virtual coin purchase by businesses (also through the transfer of “fiat currencies” to sellers) and simplified procedures for receiving encrypted credits. All while keeping open access to its platform for external developers.

What Cryptobank Crypterium offers

To date, cryptocurrencies are not the most used financial instrument to make daily purchases, the co-founder and creative director of Crypterium Vladimir Gorbunov pointed out.

“Using Bitcoin to pay for a coffee, for example, would first need to send BTC to the exchange to convert, then wait for three consecutive confirmations, then send Bitcoin and only after a long time and a substantial loss, the transfer of real money to their card. ”
A rather challenging process for a coffee, but especially backlog given the tremendous potential of the blockchain technology .

“What we offer is much more than a virtual multicurrency portfolio: a system that performs several operations, in which the waiting hours are transformed into five seconds, with no daily limits and without having to wait several weeks for the release of a plastic card. “.

How does it work?

Clients download Crypterium on the smartphone and are immediately enabled to make payments. We can consider service as a close relative of Apple Pay, Samsung Pay and Android Pay.

Once downloaded the app can also be used on a traditional POS terminal equipped with MasterCard PayPass, Visa payWave or UnionPay QuickPass or simply scroll through the QR code on the display to start the transaction.

Crypterium thus exchanges information on reciprocal agreements with banks independently and guarantees immediate confirmation of the transaction. The time required for the operation is 5 seconds, at most . This model will only be a launch pad for the institute.

Steven Polyak, Managing Director and co-founder of Crypterium, noted that the slice of cryptovalue market is rapidly growing. Their use, to put it in his own words, will soon lead to the emergence of a crypto-economy .

“Crypto-bank revenue will reach $ 500 billion in 2025. We can see the great potential of this industry and naturally we want to become its leaders.”
Crypterium offers more than 20 innovative tools , including instantaneous payments with no transaction limits, exchanges between real and virtual coins without hidden commissions, criptovalute loans through special sub-tokens, just to make some examples.

Crypterium: who is

Crypterium is in effect a virtual bank that aims to combine a mobile bank, enterprise criptomonet acquisition solutions, an OpenPI platform for developers, and the ability to receive decentralized crypto-credits.

Steven Polyak, Austin Kimm, Gleb Markov, and Vladimir Gorbunov are the enthusiastic fans of blockchain technology who, with passion and experience in the financial and credit industry, have chosen to create Crypterium.

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