Flash.co Invite code to access and Earn 50 Coins

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To reserve your @flash.co email ID download the app and use our Flash.co Invite code WX7TX2. You will get 50 Coins as referral code benefits. We are super thrilled to invite you to be a Flash trailblazer! And be amongst the first to access our first-ever email id for shopping!

You can download the Flash app through the referral link here –

Flash Access Code : RF12G3 or Your invite code to access Flash is WX7TX2

Hope you enjoy the experience we have specially crafted for you! Use @flash.co email id while shopping and can’t help but love the rewards & cashback from my fav brands! It also comes with a super smart inbox, order-tracking features, and awesome insights, etc.

Introducing Flash.co –

the email identity crafted for the shopper in you! Say goodbye to cluttered inboxes, missed order updates, and lack of recognition from your favorite brands. With Flash.co, you can create a unique shopping identity that will redefine your shopping experience.

With Flash.co, you can get an email ID that rewards you as you shop. Simply use your @flash.co email ID to shop from your favorite brands and get exciting cashback and personalized offers. You can also collect Flash coins as you shop and redeem them for cash to your UPI ID. Flash.co also presents a first-of-its-kind milestone-based rewards program where you can keep ordering with your @flash.co email ID and hit milestones to win big.

Flash.co provides a smart inbox that is tailor-made for shopping. You can track all your orders from different brands in one place and get unique insights into your shopping patterns. Shopping emails are handpicked to relevance, so you can enjoy a clutter-free experience with promotional spam in a separate section. With Flash.co, you can plan your next shopping spree with a range of amusing insights on your shopping.

Order Tracking & Insights works seamlessly with your active Gmail account too! You can get all order updates starting from confirmation to delivery, in one app. Best-in-class security and data encryption provide pro-level protection, and your data is accessible to only one human – you! Flash uses the highest level of data encryption to make sure shopping stays truly personal. It is also Google User Data Policy compliant, so you can trust your data with Flash.co.

Flash.co has been designed & engineered by India’s top-notch techpreneurs. It is changing the way you shop – one email ID at a time. Flash.co is crafted with love for all the shoppers out there who love shopping but want a better experience. With Flash.co, you can unlock the most unique offers whenever you shop.

In summary, Flash.co offers the following benefits:

  • Create a new and unique shopping identity – Be you@flash.co!
  • Shop anywhere you like with your @flash.co email ID – Create a new account or update the profile section on all your favorite shopping sites with your @flash.co email ID and earn exciting rewards as you shop.
  • Exciting offers and cashback on every order placed using @flash.co ID
  • Earn Flash coins on orders and redeem them for cash to your UPI ID
  • Be a part of unique milestone reward programs with your favorite brands! – complete Flash streaks and unlock never seen before rewards!
  • Experience a new age, clutter-free smart inbox – track your orders in one place
  • Connect your Gmail account and maintain a consolidated view of your order history across all brands
  • Learn more about your monthly spends, get amazing shopping insights and find out more about who you are as a shopper!
  • Don’t wait any longer! Join Flash today and unlock the best of everything shopping with you@flash.co. With Flash.co, shopping has never been more exciting and rewarding.