Free 1Hour Flight to any destination with Skyhour

Now you can book any 1Hr flight for Free between any destination on over 350 airlines. Signup using our link and get 1Hr credit for free. So claim your free flight now!

How does it work?

For Example, flight time between DEL (Delhi ) to DEH (Dehradun) is 1Hr so you don’t have to pay anything. If your flight time exceeds 1hr then you have to pay 1$/Min for extra time.
Can book for any date
Can book between any location in the world.
Journey time max 1hr more than that will be charged 1$/min.
Available for 350 Airlines
Booked one Airindia flight got confirmation. checked on AirIndia website too for confirmation.
You can use disposable emails too for creating more than one account for flight booking. (eg

What’s a skyhour?

Skyhour is the air travel currency that lets you gift and receive flight time on over 350 airlines. Each skyhour is worth one hour in the sky, and costs $60 — so you can fly anywhere in the world for $1 per minute.

The website is blocked for Indian IP now. Use Opera VPN/ Browser, UC browser etc for accessing.