Free 30GB Data Offer for Vodafone and IDEA

Now you can get 30 GB data for free if you have bought a new phone or upgrading your phone to IDEA and Vodaphone.

How to get Free Data?

Dial 121363 & you will get 1gb/day for 30 days.

If not works, then try this 

1. Firstly remove your sim from your 4G smartphone and insert it into a basic phone which does not have internet connectivity.

2. Keep that sim into that basic phone for 24 hours, I kept it for 12 hours. [NOTE]: You can use calling and messaging facilities except internet connectivity

3. After 24 hours reinsert your sim in your 4G smartphone, and after some time, you will receive an SMS from your respective Vodafone or Idea service provide stating that – Congratulations on your new 4G smartphone and gives you a tollfree number which is 121363.

4. Dial 121363 & u will get 1 GB/day for 30 days.