Get 50Rs credit when signup using Wizely Referral links

Get 50Rs credit when signup you signup using our referral code. Save 5% on all of your purchases. You can now refer your friends and family. You can share your referral code through any social media channel or instant messaging apps or email and SMS

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How does it work?

When you refer someone, you will receive Rs. 50 in extra value when they make their first save with Wizely.

If you are referred by a Wizely user, you will receive Rs. 50 in extra value when you make your first save with Wizely.

You can refer as many people as you like. Whenever they make a first save with Wizely you will continue to make Rs. 50 in extra value.

Please note, the extra value you earn from referrals can be availed only when you spend your savings in the Wizely Collective. A maximum of 10% of your purchase amount can be availed with referral extra value.

E.g. For purchase of Rs. 5,000 you can use a maximum of Rs. 500 of referral extra value.