Kuvera Invite code for earning 201Rs Amazon gift when Signup

Kuvera is offering a 201Rs Amazon gift card if you signup with Kuvera Invite code 129FE and also get Gold discounts. Start your investment journey with the Kuvera app and website today.

How to use the offer?

You can go to the Kuvera signup page and enter the Kuvera invite code 129FE or create a new account with our referral link. Freedom from Mutual Fund commissions and fees is here and earn 201Rs coins. You can use these coins to get an Amazon gift card worth of 201Rs and get 100 Runs.
Join the revolution at https://kuvera.in/s/twt?referral=129FE

Kuvera invite code signup

Kuvera invite code signup

What are the Coins?

Coins is a loyalty program from Kuvera that rewards you for making healthy financial choices. Redeem Coins to get access to value-added features.

Win Amazon Pay Balance worth ₹1000 on your first transfer with Wise.

Win Amazon Pay Balance worth ₹201 for each friend who invests ₹5,000 or more.

Play using 200 runs & win up to ₹100 worth of Amazon Pay Balance.

kuvera referral amazon gift card .jpg

Kuvera referral amazon gift card

Kuvera Review

Kuvera is the world’s first completely Free Financial Planning and Investing platform. That’s right – no hidden commissions, no AUM linked or monthly subscription fees.
Our goal is to build India’s largest investment community – a safe haven for investors to learn and grow their wealth. To get you started we help in comprehensive goal planning, tax savings, smart rebalancing, funds selection, and return analytics – everything you would expect from an advanced investment management platform.

Kuvera Referral offer

Help your friends invest. Earn 100 Coins to unlock awesome features when they join. Also, when they invest more than ₹ 20,000 we will gift you ₹ 201 in Amazon Gift cards.