Lendbox Referral Code upto 200Rs and 14% Interest Per Annum

per annum by lendbox referral code

Sign up and Start off with better Returns than FD! Use Lendbox Referral Code “2ICJM” to avail of the offer and earn 200Rs + up to 14% Interest Per Annum on various investment plans, which will be credited after your first investment.

Lendbox is India’s leading P2P Lending network where you can invest in high-quality borrowers and enjoy a transparent, efficient, and convenient system.

It will take less than 2 minutes to register.

How to use Lendbox Referral Code?

You can use our link or apply the Lendbox Referral Code at the time of signup to the offer and get up to 200Rs cash.

  1.  Use our Lendbox (Per Annum) Referral link https://app.lendbox.in/signup/investor?referralCode=2ICJM
  2. On the signup form use Lendbox Referral Code 2ICJM
  3. Submit your Adhaar and PAN details for KYC verification.
  4. Now you can start your investment  journey with Per Annum (Lendbox)

Per Annum by Lendbox

We have made it possible for everyone to borrow money or invest. And now, you can earn money in the same way banks do, with Per Annum.

  • Earn upto 11% p.a.
  •  No investment fee
  •  100% liquidity

Per Annum is an advanced platform that takes peer-to-peer lending to a higher level. It divides each investment into thousands of small parts to increase diversity. Our auto-investment system has been refined over five years to minimize risk.

Because P2P loans are not backed by collateral, we take extra measures to protect your investment.

per annum by lendbox plans

Comparison with other investment options

How Per Annum works

Firstly, we perform an extensive due diligence process to select our partners, which include NBFCs and financial services companies.

Next, we conduct a credit assessment on the borrowers who use our platform. On average, these borrowers have a credit score of 780 and a flawless history of repaying their debts.

LendBox Plans up to 14% P.a

Lendbox provides short-term investment plans that are low-risk and have a fixed duration. These plans can be customized to last from three months to three years. Our main goal is to offer our investors reliable and stable returns. Additionally, our plans include an option for liquidation after a mandatory lock-in period.

Lendbox investment plans

Lendbox investment plans

Lendbox Referral offer

The referral Bonus will be paid as per below Schedule:

No. referred investors Reward per user in Fixed Investment Reward per user in Flexi Investment Reward to referred investors in Fixed Reward to referred investors in Flexi
1st-5th User ₹500 ₹100 ₹200 ₹100
6th-10th User ₹750 ₹150 ₹200 ₹100
11th-25th User ₹1000 ₹200 ₹200 ₹100

The referral bonus will be calculated if the person referred makes their first deposit within 30 days of registration. The bonus amount will be based on the first investment made by the referred investor. This offer is only available to exist Lendbox investors who have met the minimum investment criteria (i.e. have successfully disbursed at least ₹50,000).

If the referred investor makes their first investment in the Flexi plan, they must remain invested for 10 consecutive days to be eligible for the referral reward. The referral bonus will be invested in the Flexi plan of both the referrer and the referred investor.

The referral bonus will only be earned on funds that have been invested, not on idle deposits. The referred investor must invest a minimum of ₹50,000 to be eligible for the referral bonus calculation, and an investment fee may apply to certain investment types.

The referral program is limited to 25 users, and the offer is not transferable, saleable, or valid in conjunction with other offers. Affiliates, channel partners, or individuals associated with Lendbox are not eligible. Payouts will be released within 7 to 30 days of a successful investment.