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How it works ?

Download app from play store or  use this link :-

1 install app  and use referral code in signup form Referral code: REFR892109

3. Share with friends and earn more deals Here you will get option to apply coupon code

.Click on that.

4. Now your friend will get one voucher code in coupons section.Ask him/her to select the coupon.If your friend is not seeing any voucher code then ask to wait.May be try restart the app. I’ve waited 5 min. First deal will be free for him/her upto maximum of some amount(Amount is varying so not puting here)

5. Once your friend purchase the deal, you will get one coupon code of the some amount for your next purchase.It will be in your coupons list.

Now you can use this voucher for your next purchase by selecting coupon code from list.