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NeoConnect is New ICO which is offering free coins till December. Just signup using our NeoConnect referral link and receive free coins. The NeoConnect ICO is set to start on the 5th of December with 9 million coins going up for sale.

What is NeoConnect?
They’re launching a new decentralized cryptocurrency similar to Bitcoin that can be used to make payments or transfer funds. The main aspect that will interest investors is their lending platform which promises to offer up to 60% interest per month depending on the amount you lend.

The rise of cryptocurrency and ICOs

Cryptocurrency has grown quickly during 2017. The total market cap combined is now well over $200 billion. Bitcoin still leads the way with just over half of the market cap and a coin price of nearly $8,000. However this year has also seen the emergence of other popular cryptocurrencies that have grown quickly.
ICOs (initial coin offerings) have also gained popularity, an ICO allows new companies or platforms a chance to raise funds in return for selling investors their coins or tokens. Many now view this has a better way of funding than more traditional methods.

Referral Program

As with many businesses the new platform aims to attract new investors by offering a generous referral program. Their program pays a huge 15% interest on the first level with additional benefits down to lower levels.
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ICO Details

Round 1 of the token sale starts on December 5 and offers a 15% bonus. The initial price is set to just $1 per coin, with a total of 9 million coins available for sale.


All token sales are highly risk so please don’t invest more than you can afford to lose. However I’ve personally made huge amounts of money by investing early in these lending platform ICOs, so I’m happy to invest $1,000 or so into this one. The coin price tends to normally reach $10+ as soon as the coin is listed on an external or internal exchange.
By combining the lending interest with coin appreciation there’s the potential for huge amounts of profit. Getting involved early will give you an additional bonus of 15%.
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