OYO Rooms Referral code upto Rs. 5000 free credits

Sign Up using Oyo rooms Referral code: KAMLHNXNU will get 500Rs credits, Invite your friends and earn a free stay of OYORooms 2000RS/booking.

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  1. Click here: https://share.oyorooms.com/KAMLHNXNU
  2. Download the OYORooms App
  3. Sign Up using OYO Referral code : KAMLHNXNU
  4. You will get 500Rs credits, Invite your friends and earn free stay on every 2 invitations after completing their first stay.


Try out the OYO Rooms App and get Rs. 500 free credits

The OYO “Invite & Earn” program allows you to earn OYO Rupee by referring OYO App to friends. OYO Rupee earned through this program can be used towards future bookings with OYO. To participate in this program, you must agree to the following terms:

What are the rewards under the “Invite & Earn” program?

Users that create an account on OYO app using a referral code, get ₹500 OYO Rupee credited to the wallet, instantly.

The Referrer gets ₹500 OYO Rupee when the referee checks-out of an OYO room. The Referrer can use this ₹350 OYO Rupee completely on their next stay to get a discount of ₹350.

Note: The referee needs to check-out within 7 days from the date of first sign-up for the referrer to be eligible to get OYO rupee.

Free stay:

For every 2 successful referrals, the referrer will get ₹700 OYO Rupee. OYO Rupee is 100% redeemable (up to ₹2000) against any booking on the OYO app. Thus the next stay of the referrer at OYO becomes free when the cost of the room is ₹700 or below. For a room that costs higher, the user can redeem ₹700 OYO Rupee completely on that booking.

What qualifies as a Valid Referral?

1. For a given phone number, the referee installs the OYO app and also creates an account on OYO platform for the first time.

• If a user uninstalls the app and then installs the app again, then it does not qualify for a referral.

• If a user installs the app on the new phone but registers with an existing mobile number, then it does not qualify for a referral.

2. The user has not already signed up with another OYO account on the same device.

How do I invite friends?

1. To invite friends, click on the “Invite & Earn” section on the home page in the OYO app.

2. Tap on the “Invite Friends” button to share your unique referral link through WhatsApp, Email, SMS, Twitter, Facebook, etc.

Please note that “Invite & Earn” should be used only for personal and non-commercial purposes, and only shared with personal connections that will appreciate receiving these invitations.

• You cannot invite yourself.

• You cannot invite anyone who uses the same mobile device as you.

• You cannot distribute your referral link on sites where you are not the primary content owner (e.g. Wikipedia, coupon websites).

• You cannot promote your invite code via search engine marketing (e.g. AdWords / Yahoo/Bing/etc.).

Can I invite a friend from a different country?

You will earn rewards only when you refer to friends/family in the same country. For e.g. If you have registered with an Indian mobile number, you will get OYO Rupees only when your referrals also sign up with an Indian mobile number.

When will my referral get OYO Rupee?

Usually, for a valid referral, OYO Rupee is credited instantly. In case, your friend has not his/her OYO Rupee within 15 minutes of account creation, please reach out to us.