FTH Daily Referral code Earn 500Rs on your first Recharge

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Use our FreshtoHome FTH Daily Referral code k5dvbm for SignUp and Earn 500Rs credit for free after doing your first recharge on the wallet of 500Rs or more. Love milk? Try FTH Daily! Enjoy 70+ varieties of your favourite milk brands, fresh produce, groceries, & a lot more. I love it, I’m sure you would too!
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FTH Daily Referral code k5dvbm

About FTH Daily (Freshtohome)

FTH Daily is the smartest way of getting your fresh milk. It is practically a boon to people looking for milk home delivery, who isn’t finding farm-fresh milk in the local Kirana stores, and who is having a tough time searching for organic milk online. Why only milk, buy your butter online, cheese online or any other dairy or daily essentials online with just a simple click, and have all of them delivered along with your milk. Furthermore, you can even buy organic dairy products like organic paneer, organic ghee, and everything that’s on your mind.

Referral Offer Terms and Conditions

Existing customer avails a maximum of 500 FTH Daily

(per neighbour) on successful referral. (see the below T&C under Newly Referred Customer or Neighbour)

When does the existing customer get 500 cash?

Ans: cash will be credited to the existing customer upon meeting all the below criteria.

STEP 1: Existing Customer will get the FTH Daily only after the Neighbour (referred customer) recharges his account with INR 500.

STEP 2: ​New Customer Subscribes for Milk and completes the first 10 successful deliveries.

Existing Customers can use FTH Daily to buy any product on the FTH Daily App.

These promotions are time-bound and details regarding the start and end time of the promotion will be available on the App.

FTH Daily has the right to cancel or terminate the offer without prior notice if customer behaviour is found to be ​fraudulent ​in nature.

FTH Daily can only be redeemed on the FTH Daily app

Please note that by participating in the offer schemes and agreeing to the terms and conditions overrides your DND registration with FTH Daily and TRAI.

Part B: FTH Daily Neighbour (Referred Customer)

When does the referred customer get 500 FTH Daily?

Ans: the Referred customer gets 500 cash on a wallet recharge of INR 500 and subscribes to milk post.

The 500 cash can be used in two parts – INR 250 for milk subscription and INR 250 for purchase of Fruits and Vegetables

250 cash points can be earned on a subscription of milk (1-litre minimum) 25 x 10 Days, 1 cash point corresponds to INR 1.

250 cash points can be earned on purchase of fruits and vegetables 25 x 10 Days- Rs.25 minimum order value.

FTH Daily has the rights to cancel or terminate the offer without prior notice if customer behaviour is found to be ​fraudulent ​in nature and the rights to recover the benefit.

– To understand how your friend (who has referred you) is eligible for INR 500, please refer to PART A – Point No. 4 ​

​New Customer has​ 7 ​days to recharge and subscribe to avail the referral program.

FTH Daily for the new customer will be honoured only when the subscription is applied and the first successful delivery is made.

‘Refer Your Neighbour’ offer cannot be clubbed with any other offer.

FTH Daily from your wallet can be used on milk subscription to a max of Rs 25 per day if you are a new customer. To refer new people, and know more on the usage of FTH Daily