Tap Invest Referral code For 500Rs Cashback opportunity

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Discover a New Way of Investing with Tap Invest and Share the Wealth with Our Exciting Tap Invest Referral code YX8TKAK. We introduce you to a unique investment platform, the Tap Invest, an alternative investments marketplace specializing in leasing. We are confident that once you understand what it’s all about, you’ll want to share the news. And what’s more? You’ll be rewarded for it!

The Game-Changing Investment Platform: Tap Invest

Also, the Leaf Round has a new name called Tap Invest.

Tap Invest is a disruptive platform that enables investors to buy and rent assets to vetted, onboarded businesses with solid fundamentals and recurring capital expenditure requirements. These investments are designed to offer high returns, have a low ticket size, provide fixed monthly rentals, and are asset-backed with an ownership title.

The platform runs on a proprietary tech stack, ensuring on-time payments, robust compliance, and seamless management of leases. With Tap Invest, investors, whether domestic or NRI, over the age of 18 years can invest with just a valid PAN and Aadhaar card.

How Tap Invest Works

The process is simple and transparent. You select the company and assets you’re interested in, confirm the lease terms, and make the payment to enter into a contract with the company. All transactions are secured by legal contracts. The invested assets and their related details will be visible on your dashboard.

One unique aspect of Tap Invest is the buyback feature. At the end of your investment tenure, you can sell the asset back to Tap Invest at a predetermined price, known as the buyback value.

Spread the Wealth with Tap Invest Referral Program

In line with our mission to make leasing investments accessible to everyone, we have an exciting referral program. Here’s the good part: every time you refer someone, you earn a referral bonus!

So, what does it involve? Simple. You refer a friend to Tap Invest by sharing your unique referral code or link. When they sign up and make an investment using your code or link, you are entitled to receive a bonus of 500 Rs of their investment amount!

Tap Invest Referral Link: https://refer.tapinvest.in/YX8TKAK

Tap Invest Referral Code: YX8TKAK

The referral bonus gets credited to your bank account before the 15th of the next month. You can refer as many people as you want and every referral counts!

So why wait? Begin your investment journey with Tap Invest and bring your friends along. Let’s grow together in this exciting new chapter of alternative investments. It’s not just about investing and earning; it’s about sharing and growing!

Explore Tap Invest today, and remember, investing is more rewarding when shared!

Please note: Terms and Conditions of the referral program may change over time, and Tap Invest is not responsible for making payments if the person you referred did not use your unique code or link when signing up.