WazirX Referral code 1500Rs (Unlimited) 50% lifetime Earning

wazirx referral code

WazirX Referral code or link: 1500Rs (20$)  Unlimited 50% Discount and 50% commission for a lifetime. WazirX is the best cryptocurrency exchange in India which is offering Free 100 WRX Coins (Referral) WazirX coins on signup.

How to use WazirX Referral code/link?

Use our 2024 WazirX Referral code/link 3warf to sign up on WazirX and make their first trade on WazirX. You will get a 50% Discount on all trading fees with WRX.

You earn a 50% commission on every friend’s trading fees when you refer anyone! Your friends also get rewarded with a 50% trading fee discount.

Signup link:- https://wazirx.com/#/invite/3warf

Wazirx Referral Code3warf
Trading CommissionUpto 50%

You need to do the following:

  1. Sign up using our referral link & Complete your KYC details
  2. Complete KYC and WazirX will verify your account.
  3. When you execute your first trade (of any amount ), 100 WRX coins get credited to your account.

Remember, when you sign up using the referral link, you will get an extra 100 WRX. Wazirx is now Binance India. It is acquired by the Binance cryptocurrency exchange.

Wazirx referral link code details

Wazirx referral details


SignUp and earn Free 1500Rs (20$)

Free airdrop for the people who sign up for the following activities in Wazirx to earn prizes worth $15000.

  1. Thursday, 27th January – Monday, 31st January: Sign up on WazirX and receive free $20 worth of PUSH Coins in your account.
  2. Friday, 28th January – Saturday, 29th January: Quiz on our blog with prizes of $300. Show off your PUSH knowledge in a fun quiz session and win
  3. Tuesday, 1st February – Thursday, 3rd February: 48-hour long Highest Traders Marathon with prizes of ₹12,24,750 ($15,000) worth PUSH for top 350 traders

How can Refer and Earn 50%?

Maximizing Your Earnings with the Upgraded WRX Referral Program

Cryptocurrencies have revolutionized the financial landscape, offering individuals unique opportunities to earn and grow their wealth. One such opportunity is the WRX referral program, a powerful mechanism that allows you to earn rewards by referring friends and acquaintances to the world of cryptocurrency trading. In this article, we’ll delve into the intricacies of the WRX referral program and explore how you can maximize your earnings through it.

Unlocking the Potential: The WRX Referral Program

The WRX referral program is designed to reward participants for bringing new traders into the fold. When you refer a friend to the platform, you have the chance to earn up to 50% of their trading fees as a reward in WRX tokens. This means that as your referred friend engages in trading activities, you stand to earn a percentage of their trading fees, offering you a continuous stream of rewards.

However, there are certain conditions that you need to meet to become eligible for these lucrative rewards. Let’s break down these eligibility criteria:

1. Minimum Trading Requirement

To be eligible for referral rewards, you must have traded a minimum of INR 10,000 worth of any cryptocurrency within the last 30 days. This requirement ensures that you remain an active participant in the platform and encourages you to engage in trading activities. By meeting this threshold, you demonstrate your commitment to the cryptocurrency trading ecosystem.

2. The Power of HODLing WRX

HODLing, a term originating from a misspelled word “hold,” refers to the practice of holding onto cryptocurrencies rather than selling them. In the context of the WRX referral program, HODLing WRX is a crucial strategy to maximize your referral rewards. The more WRX tokens you hold, the higher your referral rewards rate. The program encourages you to accumulate WRX tokens, as doing so not only strengthens your position within the platform but also amplifies your earning potential.

3. Referral Reward Calculation

Your referral rewards rate is determined by the quantity of WRX tokens you hold. The program is structured into different tiers, each associated with a specific range of WRX holdings. Let’s take a look at the breakdown of these tiers and the corresponding referral rewards rates:

  • 0 – 500 WRX: 0% referral rewards rate
  • 500 – 10,000 WRX: 15% referral rewards rate
  • 10,000 – 50,000 WRX: 25% referral rewards rate
  • 50,000 WRX: 50% referral rewards rate

By accumulating more WRX tokens, you elevate yourself to higher tiers, unlocking progressively more generous rewards rates. This tiered system provides a strong incentive for you to invest in WRX and hold onto your tokens.

Reaping the Rewards

The beauty of the WRX referral program lies in its potential for unlimited rewards. As your referred friends engage in trading activities, your earnings grow. The synergy between your active trading, HODLing strategy, and the tiered rewards system creates a powerful formula for financial growth.

Invitation confirmation mail

You will get confirmation mail when your friend signup using your referral code or link on Wazirx. The sample mail is in the image below.

Daily earning reports

You will revive daily earning reports from your Wazirx referral in the email. You can also the daily or total reward profits in the refer and earn dashboard on the Wazirx website.

Wazirx referral earning alert

Wazirx referral earning alert

50% Discount on Wazirx Trades

Pay trading fees with WRX on all Wazirx Trades, Just keep some coins in your WRX wallet and it will be charged automatically.

Enable this option in settings to pay trading fees with:

  • WRX you buy from the exchange
  • Unlocked WRX balance reserved for trading fees

Note: You’ll get a 50% discount if you pay fees via WRX

Wazirx referral offer wazirx referral link.jpg

Wazirx referral offer and referral link

What is WazirX?

WazirX is a cryptocurrency exchange that will enable you to Buy, Sell & Trade digital assets like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, etc in India.

Binance india referral with Wazirx

Binance India referral with Wazirx

Binance and WazirX create a $ 50 million Blockchain for India to boost the Indian startup ecosystem. In 2019, Binance acquired WazirX to promote the use and implementation of blockchain technologies in India.

Recently Binance acquired WazirX and you can now transfer your funds from WazirX to Binance with no fees and vice-versa. Not to mention trading pairs on WazirX Now are large and getting updated daily. If you want to trade in INR you should use this awesome exchange. Wazirx has the best P2P rates for INR right now with a minimum margin.

Wazirx vs Zebpay

Wazirx offers a simple yet powerful interface with real-time open order books, charting, trade history, deposits & withdrawals so you can trade and invest in some of the world’s best-performing digital assets. We’re building India’s most trusted cryptocurrency exchange and are working hard towards a launch in the next few weeks.

While Zebpay resumed its services the wallet still lacks many features such as P2P and a good trading interface.

Wazirx NFT

Wazirx launched its NFT Marketplace much ahead of the Binance NFT marketplace. Which helped shoot up the prices of WRX Coins. You can use WRX to buy these digital arts in India.

Wazirx Updates

Here’s a highlight of what happened at WazirX in July 2021

March was an interesting month for the crypto ecosystem with the markets gaining momentum. Some highlights of what happened at WazirX this month:

Some highlights of what happened at WazirX this month:

Day 2: REN/INR listing

Day 3: EASY/USDT listing

Day 3: DEXE/USDT listing

Day 4: BCHA/USDT listing

Day 5: ENJ/INR listing

Day 10: EASY-WRX LP Staking Program

Day 8 – 10: WRX/INR trading competition

Day 27: India’s first weekly crypto show presented by WazirX and CNBC-TV18

And WRX touched the highest price of 6$ from just 0.10$ in just a few months.