Fanztar Referral Code offers 1000 Points on Signup

Fanztar Referral Code

Fanztar: The Ultimate Fan Community Platform signup with our Fanztar Referral code 2LO3OQ and earn 1000 points on signup.

Fanztar is a unique social media platform that brings creators and fans together in a whole new way. It allows fans to become a part of their favorite creator’s exclusive community, while also giving them a chance to own a share of the creator’s income on the platform. With Fanztar, creators can build their fan communities, and make their fans a part of their success.

So, how does Fanztar work?

Fans can purchase Fan Cards from creators on Fanztar to support and back their favorite creators. With a Fan Card, you get exclusive access to Creator communities, experiences you can’t get elsewhere, and a share of the company’s success. Card collecting boosts fans’ ranks and enables them to participate in various contests to win exciting rewards. After the Fanztar marketplace goes live, Fans will be able to trade Fan Cards with each other.

Each Fan Card on Fanztar represents a license that allows you to use the digital art associated with the fan card on a non-commercial basis. Creators regularly share exclusive content with their fans, and if the creator has included royalty sharing in the card, the creator will get a share of any future royalty. Fans can also access Royalty Share in their INR wallet once it is available. The Royalty Share can be easily transferred to a user’s bank account.

Fanztar Referral code

We are inviting you to join Fanztar, a platform that lets you own a share of your favorite Creator. You will receive 1000 FZ points in your wallet instantly.

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Fanztar Referral Code2LO3OQ
Bonus1000 points
Fanztar app Signup

Fanztar app Signup

Fanztar Referral Programme

One of the unique features of Fanztar is the Referral and Earn program. Fans can refer their friends and earn 1000 FZ points and a chance to win a free Fan Card. The Fanztar referral code is 2LO3OQ. However, there is a limit to how many people you can refer. You can refer a maximum of 200 people to Fanztar. Once you reach this limit, you will no longer be able to earn more points by referring additional people to Fanztar.

About Fanztar

Fans can redeem their reward points for experiences such as exclusive virtual interactions, the opportunity to be featured in creator posts, meet-and-greet sessions, master classes, personalized video messages, show tickets, backstage access, and much more. The rewards pool will continue to grow as Fanztar adds more rewards to offer its fans.

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The payment methods on Fanztar include UPI, credit and debit cards, net banking, and supported wallets. Fanztar requires users to provide their PAN number to authenticate their identity and secure ownership of their Fan Card (digital asset). The details of your PAN are completely safe and are required to comply with government regulations.

Fanztar helps creators in a variety of ways. It allows creators to establish meaningful relationships with their fans, and create new monetization avenues for both creators and fans. The conversion of fans into shareholders has grown exponentially, and it is a unique feature that sets Fanztar apart from other social media platforms.

In conclusion, Fanztar is an excellent platform for creators and fans alike. It allows creators to build their fan communities and gives fans a chance to be a part of their favorite creator’s success. With the Referral and Earn program, fans can earn rewards by referring their friends. The rewards pool is constantly growing, giving fans even more opportunities to engage with their favorite creators. If you are a creator or a fan looking for a new way to connect with others, Fanztar is the perfect platform.