IndiaP2P Referral Code for 19% per annum interest

indiap2p referral code KB95PG

Invest in India P2P by using our IndiaP2P Referral Code KB95PG while you signup and earn 1% extra up to 19% per annum interest, which will be on your first investment as a top-up to your first investment plans.

How to use IndiaP2P Referral Code?

Join to invest in loans curated by IndiaP2P and earn up to 19% returns on your investments. IndiaP2P is an RBI-certified NBFC- P2P.

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or Use India P2P Referral Code KB95PG in your signup form.

IndiaP2P Referral CodeKB95PG
Interestupto 19%
Referral Bonus1%
Max earnings5000Rs

Investment Plans


indiap2p plans

Earn upto
18% per annum Growth Aggressive Lock-in 12 Months
Earn upto
14% per annum Growth Conservative Lock-in 12 Months


Earn upto
16% per annum Income AggressiveLock-in 12 Months
Earn upto
12% per annum Income ConservativeLock-in 12 Months

Terms and Conditions for referrals rewards

  1. Both you and your referred friend will receive a 1% bonus on their respective first investment.
  2. There is no limit on the number of friends you can refer.
  3. Your total referral earnings are capped at INR 5000.
  4. The referral bonus will be displayed in the “Rewards” section of your dashboard.
  5. If you wish to earn more than INR 5000 through referrals, you can contact us to join our Ambassador program.
  6. IndiaP2P reserves the right to make changes to this program at any time without prior notice.

About IndiaP2P

IndiaP2P is a website that helps people who need loans connect with people who want to lend money. The website uses technology to make it easier and more profitable for both borrowers and lenders.

P2P lending in India is regulated by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) since late 2017. The government of India regulates IndiaP2P and has certified it as a safe and responsible lending platform. IndiaP2P also helps with credit checks, managing loans, and making sure that people pay back the loans they take out. All of these services are done online with a focus on protecting both borrowers and lenders.