LendenClub Referral code get Free 50Rs on First Investment

lendenclub referral code

Signup on Lenden Club app/web with our LendenClub Referral code and get 50Rs after signup and your deposit.

LendenClub Referral code offer

LendendClub is offering free 50Rs credit if you use our LendenClub Referral code for signup and make your first investment within 3 Months of registration.

To get your LendenClub Referral code please contact us and request the code. you will get it in a day because online sharing of the code is not allowed.

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    When you refer someone to LenDenClub, you will earn INR 50 per referral, while the person you referred will receive a discount of INR 50 on registration. The earned amount will be deposited into your LenDenClub account once the referred lender completes their first investment on the platform. Additionally, you can receive an extra INR 101 for every 15 lenders you refer.

    About LenDenClub

    We want to introduce you to an exciting opportunity offered by LenDenClub, which happens to be India’s largest peer-to-peer (P2P) lending platform. This platform connects investors who are seeking high returns on their investments with creditworthy borrowers who are in need of a quick loan. Since FMPP, LenDenClub has delivered returns of over 10% p.a.

    Why invest in P2P Lending?

    The popularity of P2P lending is increasing rapidly in India, and it’s important to understand how and who is driving this growth. In this regard, we would like to share a brief overview of how investors on LenDenClub have been able to earn attractive returns, ranging from as low as ₹10,000 to as much as ₹50 lakhs.

    Partnering with LenDenClub offers numerous key benefits, including:

    • Consistent returns: LenDenClub has delivered consistent returns of 10%-12% p.a. over the last 5 years.
    • Most significant P2P player in India: With over 50% market share, LenDenClub is the biggest P2P lending platform in India.
    • Regulated by RBI: LenDenClub is recognized by RBI as an NBFC-P2P and is fully compliant with regulations.
    • Growing investors: LenDenClub has a rapidly growing investor base of over 20 lakhs.
    • Club 1,000 crore: LenDenClub has facilitated investments of over 8000 crores.
    • 100% online: The platform offers a completely digitized and seamless process for you and your investors.
    • Immune to markets: LenDenClub’s returns are not affected by market volatility.
    • Personalized dashboard: The platform provides a personalized dashboard for you to register your investors and keep track of their investments.
    • Safe investments: LenDenClub uses an escrow payment mechanism through an RBI-appointed trustee bank with ICICI Bank to ensure safe investments.

    Rules for Refer and Earn

    Please take note of the following Terms & Conditions for the ‘Refer and Earn’ program:

    1. To be eligible to use the referral bonus, you must have invested in at least 1 borrower on the LenDenClub platform.
    2. The Referred Lender must make their first investment within the first 3 months of registration for the referral bonus to be applicable. If they invest after 3 months, the referral bonus will not apply.
    3. The referral policy is intended for referrals to your friends, family, or known people. Publishing your referral code on any public forum is strictly prohibited.
    4. LenDenClub reserves the right to request the details of your Referred Lenders at any time to verify your earnings from the ‘Refer and Earn’ program.
    5. LenDenClub reserves all rights to cancel or modify the ‘Refer and Earn’ program with or without prior notice.