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Jul 2019

Active Cryptocurrency Exchanges in India for Bitcoin & Altcoins

by Kem in BlockChain, Technology category

Here is the complete list of active Cryptocurrency Exchanges in India for trading in Bitcoin and Altcoins. Because of uncertainties from the government for the rules on cryptocurrencies in India most of the exchanges are shutting down in 2019 but still, we have some pretty good exchanges for trading Cryptocurrency in India with P2P options.

Here is the list of Active Cryptocurrency Exchanges, We are ranking them according to the trade volume and also sharing the details of ongoing referral offers if you are a new user.

1. Wazirx

Wazirx launched in 2018 but still doing quite good business in India. They have a good list of coins and you can get your P2P transaction confirmation in a few minutes. Unlike Bitbns their rules are good and flexible for trading and ranting the users.


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2. Bitbns

Its a second-best exchange in India but they have a quite good list of Altcoins in India like NEO, GAS and DBC which are not available on Wazirx. You also get three options for the transfer of Indian rupees with cryptocurrency. Which are USDT P2P, Voucher transfer, INR P2P. In our experience, USDT P2P option is the best one to use on this exchange. For INR you might have to pay 5% extra commission on your withdrawals and deposits of Indian rupees.


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