Apr 2020

Is Cansell genuine? Don’t fall for this Scam of gift cards

by Kem in Services, Technology category

Today I will share my complete review about Cansell and why I am calling it as a scam which sells online gift card.

List of Reasons

Poor Operations

Whenever you buy something on they will call both parties personally to exchange gift cards over personal SMS. There is no security of your gift card or the money you will pay because of the less transparency and security.

Fake listings of Gift cards

90% Listed gift cards with discounts are fake there. So if you have bought any gift card 90% chances are they won’t deliver to you.

I bought almost 20 Gift cards and only 2 were delivered.

No refund

They don’t have any good tracking system of gift cards, So you won’t get a refund too if you buy their fake gift card. I almost waited for a month and after hundreds of calls and SMS, I got my refund. but all are not that lucky

Based on my and the experience of my friends I am sharing these details. Please comment if you faced the same situations.