May 2020

Auto Right swipe script for Tinder Web So You Don’t Have To

by Kem in howto category

Tinder web is launched yesterday and now it opened a lot of possibilities for us too. Now we can do unlimited right swiping especially for all the men to get most of the results. We have made a very short 2 line script for tinder web which will automate your swiping work or we say that a perfect tinder auto liker.

How to Auto Right swipe on Tinder?

  1. Go to and login or signup
  2. Right click on the page and select “Inspect”
  3. Click on Console
  4.  Write this script and Press enter. Please note that copy-pasting this script might not work sometimes. Write this code by typing ( Don’t Copy/Paste).

 setInterval(function(){ document.querySelector(‘[aria-label=”Like”]’).click(); },1000);


 setInterval(function(){ document.querySelector(“[aria-label=”Like”]”).click(); },1000);

Enjoy unlimited swiping. In tinder, you can do a limited number of right swipe per day if you want unlimited right swiping from any location go for their premium plan.

Live Demo:-

Chrome Extensions

One of the most simplest method is using chrome plugins for 2020.

Install For AutoSwipe

Install For Location Change