May 2024

Auto Right swipe script for Tinder Web So You Don’t Have To

by Kem in howto category

Tinder Web was launched yesterday and now it opened a lot of possibilities for us too. Now we can do unlimited right swiping, especially for all the men, to get most of the results. We have made a very short 2 line script for Tinder Web which will automate your swiping work or we say a perfect Tinder auto liker.

How to Auto-Right Swipe on Tinder?

  1. Go to and log in or signup
  2. Right-click on the page and select “Inspect”
  3. Click on Console
  4.  Write this script and Press enter. Please note that copy-pasting this script might not work sometimes. Write this code by typing ( Don’t Copy/Paste).

 setInterval(function(){ document.querySelector(‘[aria-label=”Like”]’).click(); },1000);


 setInterval(function(){ document.querySelector(“[aria-label=”Like”]”).click(); },1000);

Enjoy unlimited swiping. In Tinder, you can do a limited number of right swipes per day if you want unlimited right swiping from any location go for their premium plan.

Live Demo:-

Chrome Extensions

One of the simplest methods is using Chrome plugins for 2024.

Install For AutoSwipe for Tinder, Bumble

Install For Location Change