Apr 2019

How Indians can get IDP- International Driving Permit (Licence)

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As backpackers and travellers, we all definitely love to explore places at our own pace and freedom by riding bike/car on roads in another country. Hence we go for renting bikes /cars to explore in that country.
I have penned down my experience on how I obtained it in our country, I hope it will be helpful for you guys on How Indians can get IDP- International Driving Permit or Licence

What is IDP?

An International Driving License is one type of document work as a proof that allows you to drive a Vehicle in Foreign Country.

Why it is Needed?

Indian driving Licence is valid in few countries like Australia, Germany, Switzerland, UK, Norway, NewZealand, Mauritius, France… but whereas other countries require us to possess an IDP to drive on their roads as a statutory requirement mandate by their law.

Who Can Apply?

International Driving Permit will be issued to an applicant who holds a valid Indian Licence and who is a resident of India.

Consequences OF not Possessing IDP?

 You will need to pay huge penalties/bribe to traffic police sometimes.
 Your Insurance will not be valid if met with an accident.
 You need to undergo legal procedures as per the Law of Land.
 Your trip will become messy haggling to traffic courts & Police stations.
 You will not have any support and left alone there in case of any untoward incidents/accidents.
 You need to drive always with fear and anxiety on getting caught when u see Highway Traffic Patrol Police stationed on roads.

Some of you would have driven Bikes & cars in Bali & in other countries without IDP, all goes well until everything is well, but we can’t expect things to be always in favourable on our side. 
Hence it is always advisable to get an International Driving Permit and abide by the law and statutory requirements of that country & its traffic rules.

Validity of IDP?

IDP Issued in our country is valid up to 1 Year from the Date of issue.

How to Get IDP at your Zonal Jurisdiction RTO?

All it takes is just a simple process to get IDP from your RTO jurisdiction and I got it in a day process at my Jurisdiction RTO Office in Tamil Nadu.

Obtaining IDP involves both Online & Offline processes.
It is valid for one year and is easy to obtain one from your local RTO.

I submitted my application online at Ministry of Road Transport & Highways –Parivahan Govt Website-Sarathi Service link below.

To create an application your DL Data Record must be updated in the RTO Database server. Hence I visited my RTO section officer and submitted a copy of my DL and he did the data entry manually into Sarathi System.

Once it is done your DL Details will be visible on Sarathi website and you can start filling the Online application entering the details as required in few Steps. You can also apply for other services like DL renewal, new Issue, etc once your DL record is updated in their server.

Here is how I Got my IDP:

Step 1: On the first Page Select Your State and it will take you to the next page.
Step 2: On the Left side Page of the Menu Click 
Apply Online  Services on Driving License (Renewal/Duplicate/Aedl/Others) 
Step 3: select the State from where the service is to be taken from the Drop down list 
Step 4: Application for Services on Driving Licence, Enter ur DL No and Date Of Birth, your details will be displayed on the screed. Select the RTO which falls under the jurisdiction of the District as indicated your Current Present Address
Step 5: Select the appropriate COV: Category Of Vehicle that you need to apply for. Two wheeler / four wheeler.

Uploading the documents – visa, passport (first & last page of current passport) & driving license for which IDP is needed, scan/photo needs to be uploaded.
You need to upload your Passport and Signature, anyhow you need to go to RTO physically and put ur signature.

Once you have entered all details in application, after submission you will get an SMS to your registered mobile Number with Reference ID & you need to take a printout of the Acknowledgement Form , Form-1 & FORM 4-A that is generated .

Fees Payment: 
Online payment can be made but I felt a bit hassle in that so I went directly to the RTO and produced my DL Services Acknowledgement at the Counter paid Rs 1000 vide Challan at the Counter.

Documents Required at Submission: 
Take Originals & a photocopy of the following documents
1) Original passport 
2) Valid Visa- If travelling to Visa Free/VOA countries like Indonesia/Thailand mention that in the application and inform the RTO Staff when they inquire.

3) Airline ticket – Round tickets, Mention travel dates 
4) Medical certificate – Issued by Govt Doctor you can get it done with the agents hanging around RTO office complex, they might charge you some fees.
5) 3 recent passport size photos 
6) Current Driving Licence 
7) DL Services Acknowledgement Form 
Affix your passport Photo in the Form-4-A

Please Note: Documents in S.No 7, 8 & 9 can be downloaded from the link Application status page itself after successful submission of your Application Number-generated page online.
10) IDP Fees payment Challan 
11) Adhar Card

Submission & Processing: 
The RTO Staff will receive your application then check and verify your Application, and Related Documents, ID Proofs, Passport and mark a Checked OK Signature note in the Application and Photocopies that you submitted.

You must sign all the Photocopies that you submitted.
Once it is done you will be escorted to meet the Chief RTO Officer along with the Application,
He will may just ask you few questions, about your travel, duration, job, and destination etc.

That’s it then he will affix his signature on the IDP Application & in the IDP Issue Register.

Once getting the Nod from the Chief RTO Officer the staff will enter the Details in the Original IDP ( International Driving License Book) and their IDP Issue Records register.

They will affix your Photos and fill the validity date and affix ROAD TRANSPORT LICENSING AUTHORITY seal on it.
Finally the IDP will be signed by the Chief RTO Officer, and then it will be handed over to you.

The whole process takes 4-5 hours if everything goes well. For me it took a full day as the Chief RTO was bit busy with his meetings and I got it at 6 PM only.

Additional Info: 
If your address has changed then you have to get NOC certificate from your old RTO office and then apply online for license renewal, print forms and go to the new RTO office.

The application form including Acknowledgement form must be submitted at RTO office before 11:30 AM. 
Ignore the touts if they approach you.

I was stopped By Police in Bali:
When I was riding a bike on my way to Besakih Temple- Largest & Mother Temple in Bali, I was stopped by Highway Interceptor Patrol Police and I produced them my IDP they were really happy and they even congratulated me for possessing it and had few conversations with them.

Due to frequent accidents of rash & drunken drive-by tourists, Bali Police have tightened the Patrol and Inspections among Tourists riding on Bali Roads.
Possessing an IDP keeps our mind free and drive without any fear, and makes our trip memorable as I experienced it in my Bali Trip.
Hence guys obtain an IDP well before in-hand & ride freely without any hassle.
Feel free to ping me up if u have any queries.
Cheers Safe travelling

Credits : Ram Ashwathram (1001things2do )